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I don’t know what you’re using but let me tell you. I have been using notes to keep all of my episodic adventure novel organized. Things were going ok but my story just keeps growing. Let me just say that none of this is sponsored I just want to share something this is working for me. I use Plottr there is a a section for everything. Like I put all my characters in and describe each one. Every chapter is broken into comprehensive sections and tags to find things easier. I paid $14.99 and with tax and all it came out to jus to over $16.

This is totally worth not feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of the project. Or getting confused by another book in the series. Anyway I felt a huge sigh of relief when I put all my info into this app!

A great resource although it’s not available on mobile is Writers.work there is a job board, word count tool, grammar check, spell check and many other features. I enjoy this resource a lot for improving my writing. This is free.

Another good one to check your sentence structure and spelling is Grammarly. I like that it has extensions so it will catch mistakes in any website. There is a free version.

I also use Google Docs. This is helpful for ebooks and other paperwork I create. I also like that I can download in many formats. Free.

What do you use to stay organized?

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