What Brings Me Peace?

What brings you peace?

Autumn, snuggling up next to a fire with a nice hot cup of a warm beverage reading a book or even just enjoying the feeling. I love to sit outside in my gorgeous hill top cottage and enjoy the crisp air and slight chill, away from any city noises and seeing the stars shine brightly against the black velvet sky.

Being surrounded by the ones I love sharing funny stories and anecdotes about our days. Watching my goats hop around so silly. My freedom bunnies eating the yard and happily gazing up at me.

Waking up to a clean cottage, no dirty dishes and the cats walking and rubbing on my legs as I walk.

My adorable rooster crowing and protecting the girls. I always giggle with him being my tiny mighty. Frizzle Frazzle the rooster is a beautiful black silkie. The girls are bigger than him and he has learned to ask politely if he can fertilize their eggs😂.

Living out of the view of others and just being able to embrace creating gives me peace. Now I am able to help others along the way as well. And my friend, is worth it.

I hope your day is peaceful dear reader,

What brings you peace?

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