The Anger Episode

Personal Research and Individual Responsibility:

In a world awash with information, distinguishing fact from fiction is a crucial skill. Welcome to The Zarlequan Podcast, a place where curious minds engage in exploratory discussions. I’m Brittani Starr, your host, and I encourage you to question, research, and cultivate your unique understanding of the topics we explore. This podcast serves as a catalyst for deeper inquiry, reminding us that critical thinking is our ally in an information-saturated world. Listen on YouTube.

Episode Overview- Healing Anger through Understanding:

I’m excited to present an episode that delves into the realm of emotions and communication. In this installment, we explore the transformative power of understanding and healing anger. Joining me is a very special guest – my father, also known as G-Train. Together, we embark on a journey to untangle healthy communication, emotional growth, and the role of knowledge in managing anger.

Navigating Anger with Neural Pathways:

In this segment, we venture into the fascinating realm of neuroplasticity and its potential to reshape our responses to powerful emotions. Anger, a universal human emotion, often leads to impulsive reactions. But fear not, for the human brain possesses an incredible ability to change. Neural pathways, like well-worn trails, can be redirected. Here’s how:

  1. Awareness: Recognize anger as it arises.
  2. Mindful Interventions: Engage in mindfulness practices to interrupt automatic responses.
  3. Reframing Thoughts: Challenge negative thoughts with rational alternatives.
  4. Practicing Empathy: Understand others’ perspectives to defuse your anger.
  5. Consistency and Patience: Rewiring takes time; each calmer response strengthens a new neural connection.

A Musical Finale: Sharing a Touch of Creativity:

Before we conclude, a musical gem awaits. An original song composed by my father captures the essence of our discussion. Let the music remind you of the beauty in creativity and emotional expression. As you listen, reflect on the insights shared and the paths you’re carving for yourself.

Reflecting on the Conversation:

My father and I discussed his upbringing, where he never raised his voice due to his Southern genteel background. He shared his wisdom on walking away to calm down and identify the true source of anger. Overexpressed anger often stems from an inability to effectively express emotions. This episode offers a poignant reminder that understanding and expression go hand in hand in managing our emotions.

Connect with G-Train:

To explore more of G-Train’s wisdom and creativity, visit his website, There, you can find his original music that resonates with the themes of emotional growth and understanding.


Thank you for joining us on this episode of The Zarlequan Podcast. Emotions are complex and navigating them requires knowledge, empathy, and awareness. Remember, your journey of discovery extends beyond this podcast. Embrace your role as a seeker of truth, a curious mind, and a thoughtful investigator. Until next time, let’s continue learning, growing, and expanding our horizons together.

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