My favorite thing about myself

Did I tell you I’m trying to do this #bloganuary thing? Honestly, it’s great! They send you a topic you have to write about each day. I’ve done two, this is my second so great on the consistency here. lol

Moon T-shirt design

What’s my favorite thing about myself? I never stop creating. No matter what’s going on or how things look I keep creating. I can be feeling rather melancholy and I’ll be like “I need this design on a cardigan” so I create it. Or “hmmm I should have a wand to rule Zarlequan as the Enchanted Empress of Quirkiness” so I make it. Or you know, create a whole social network because I didn’t find what I wanted elsewhere.

Or maybe I just needed a box for my candles so I burned “Candles” on the side of a box and put them in. I see the world as possibilities. My favorite thing is to take something discarded, like I was, and reveal its beauty. You see when you can see the beauty where others can’t see it exists, your reward is so much bigger. When you put in the effort in any direction you feel so good when you get to the other side.

Every person and everything holds such beauty and value but not everyone can see that yet. We need to clear our eyes and realize that temporary things don’t offer as much value. True value and beauty are within and that’s solid, innate, forever.

Fire within

Don’t change so others will love you and see what they believe is valuable. Be the amazing you are and allow people to be drawn to you that should be part of your journey. I love that I can see the value where others can’t and I enjoy the process of revealing the beauty.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

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