How I’m changing the world?

Am I trying to change the world? Changing the world isn’t something I think about really. I have the super strong conviction that I can only control myself. And free will is one of my main tenants. So, any change that’s going on has to be with me. In my ideal world, all the information is given and we are all then free to make our best decision with the information as we understood.

Books piled

How am I changing myself? Now that I can share with you! I’m changing myself by journaling every day. When I journal I get messages from my higher self to help me understand my next steps. Right now my focus has been healing trauma. What causes trauma? Not listening to our intuition. The thing here is that mainstream society tells us and trains us not to listen to our intuition.

Journal and pencil

Since I live on a homestead I start the day by caring for my animals usually. After that, I come in, have my glass of MSM which makes me feel light and rejuvenated. Seriously, I have nerve damage in both arms, milking my goats was painful. I couldn’t move my arm and my body was in constant pain. Now I milk every day with a pep in my step! I was even dancing while making breakfast for the family!

Happy dance

I’m putting myself through the course I’m planning because I don’t feel I can offer something if I haven’t proven it works. I have a strong conviction that I can’t offer something unless I do or use it myself. So I’m creating a Radically Reimagined Community for myself and I hope others can benefit from it as well. Everything I do, I do for my children to have a guide map if they choose one day. This community I’m building focuses on listening to our intuition, teaching our children to trust their intuition and follow the guidance of our higher selves to realize our purpose here and share it as we are guided. A place where we can peacefully express our needs and boundaries and have them respected. A place where we live in unison with the land, the seasons, and the people around us.

The 7 principals

I am working to live by the 7 principles I was led to create. To live every part of my life in connection with my higher self and therefore with all. I believe abundance is having more than you need in every aspect. I have unconditional love so that I am free and confident to maneuver into the world. And I know that the land provides if I’m willing to put in the work. Living naturally, peacefully, and lovingly is my win. We have a plentiful planet that wants to provide for us if we can provide for her.

The world in a hand

Am I changing the world? Maybe not, but I’m changing myself and I’m creating a world that works for me and welcoming those that align with that message. Let’s find those that align with this message and each other so that we can create this beautiful new community together! Perhaps you aren’t a loner or hate people, perhaps you just haven’t found your people yet. I couldn’t find my tribe so I created this. Can you hear the calling?

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