Holistic Goat Care

The biggest thing I would tell you is trust your intuition, if you feel something is off with your animal, it is. I like to go out at least once if not several times a day to observe all of my animals. I feel like this alone is a big factor in keeping them healthy. We are all living in unison, balancing nutrition and emotional stability.

Herbal Dewormer

1 drop lemongrass essential oil

1 drop oregano essential oil

1 drop sweet orange essential oil

1 ml organic olive oil

This dose is for an adult ND. I give this dose for 3 days, wait 10 days and administer 3 more days.

This has worked really well for my herd. I learned this from my goat mentor Megan Kutchman of Little Avalon Farm. She’s amazing!

I don’t have any schedule for deworming, again this is all intuitive. You can always check FAMACHA to make sure and/or do a fecal. The truth is goats are going to have a worm load, we are just trying to keep it manageable. Kind of like bacteria in our bodies. Life is about balance and this is no different.

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