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I am Brittani Starr, the founder, and creative force behind and the host of The Zarlequan Podcast. While many might label me as an extrovert, my true happiness finds its home nestled within the serene haven of my cottage. With the gentle embrace of nature outside my window, I indulge in the joy of crafting words or immersing myself in thrilling stories.

Creating a Dreamland:

My heart found solace in a land called Zarlequan, a realm that emerged from the tapestry of my dreams. This dream took root and bloomed into reality when I acquired a piece of land, a place of serenity and inspiration. Through my writing, I’m weaving this mystical realm into existence, sharing its enchantment with the world.

From Dreams to Reality:

Initially fueled by a desire to foster community both online and in person, life led me down a different path. As motherhood embraced me once more, mobility challenges shifted my focus. This transition, however, became the catalyst for completing my book, “Princess Zendella of Zarlequan.” The whimsical name Zendella, conceived five years ago, found its way to my daughter, intertwining her essence with the tale.

Empowering Indie Authors:

Venturing online to share my book, I stumbled upon the resounding voices of the indie author realm. This revelation ignited a passion to transform my website into a platform that amplifies the voices of indie authors and their allies. A place to uplift thought leaders, unveil hidden stories, and forge connections among kindred spirits.

The Podcast Connection:

In crafting the website, the inception of The Zarlequan Podcast further refined my vision. Delving into candid conversations with remarkable guests unveiled the beauty of their journeys. Connecting through shared experiences, we celebrate each other’s narratives and extend support.

A Community’s Foundation:

I pieced together the website’s framework while simultaneously crafting podcast episodes. Selling goods on the side fueled my efforts, ensuring the community could thrive without barriers. Here, we champion unrestricted voices and create an environment of shared growth and mutual support.

A Step Towards Sustainability:

Today marks a milestone as I unveil the addition of ads and a donation form to the platform. My aspiration remains to maintain a free site, and any support garnered will contribute to enhancing the content we share. I envision a future where our united efforts grant this endeavor the independence to flourish.

An Open Invitation:

I share this transparency to acknowledge the incredible self-published authors who have graced my path. I eagerly anticipate the journey of getting to know each of you. For those seeking new indie authors to cherish, you’ve found a sanctuary at Explore The Zarlequan Podcast and allow yourself to be captivated by these remarkable storytellers.

Together, We Flourish:

My heartfelt plea is that you consider supporting our venture through donations. With your assistance, we shall empower indie authors, allowing their voices to resonate and flourish. Visit, dive into The Zarlequan Podcast, and embark on a journey where tales of all shades bloom.

Warmest Regards,

Brittani Starr

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