Creeping Mahonia/Oregon Grape

Oregon grape

What is one of the best things about Spring? All the wonderful things I get to forage and make things from! I have Oregon grape all over my property! This wild growing plant has a lot of the same properties as goldenseal. This should only be taken as needed as it is a powerful detoxifying agent. The Oregon grape is part of the berberidaceae family. They produce small bitter berries with a lot of benefits!

This plant is an evergreen as in it doesn’t die in winter but the leaves turn a lovely red. Oregon grape does produce berried but they are pretty bitter. You can make a jam with the berries making it more palatable. This cool plant can stimulate your live, help with digestive issues and is great for skin issues such as psoriasis. You can use the root to make a tincture or a tea. Like most of these liver helping plants this is bitter. You will probably want some raw honey to make it more palatable. If you make a tincture you can then make a nice salve to apply topically.

Once the berries come in I can make a jam to show you my recipe.

There are so many plants in this world that want to help us. We only need to find out what is local to us, what it does, and how to use it. I like to use this Seek app to help me identify species correctly first. Then I might put in in my book so that I have a local plant life identification and remedy library.

Get out there and see what your yard is offering you! What treasures do you have?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Before using any new herb, plant, tincture, or such please consult your physician. I am not responsible for your choices.

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