The Quest


This album “The Gnosis of Zarlequan” is about choosing to do the shadow work, to face our own reflection of what we have become. In order to become one with our higher selves and live in the flow of Essence. Once we develop the way of life of following our intuition, we will find we are in the flow of the universe and living in abundance.

This first song called “Catch the Feel” written, performed, and music by Brittani Starr, is an energy-boosting song to get us ready to go on “The Quest” this is before you make the journey. Everyone is cheering you on for taking this big step! We are holding space for you to complete your journey and join us on the other side. Build the energy! Catch the Feel!

Catch the Feel by Brittani Starr of Seeing Starrs

Now that you have shown the courage to join The Quest, you now enter into the realm of the unspoken. You must choose by free will to journey through in order to understand yourself and the multiverse fully. Truly understand the Essence by fully understanding your true reflection.

The Quest by Brittani Starr *ROUGH DRAFT*

With our inner truth barometer, we have the confidence to unlock the hidden knowledge. Shedding fear for peace, knowing we are always taken care of.

Unlocking the Gnosis by Brittani Starr

Inside The Quest, you will Face the Mirror. This is the Shadow work untold. Here we realize that we are that Face in the Mirror. We have created the life we lead and the consequences thereof. Here is where we realize that we are the fears we created.

Face the Mirror by Brittani Starr *DRAFT*

Realizing our part in this journey, the karma accumulated longing to be replenished. We dive into the velvety Black Sea of emotion. You can make it through, there are many of us cheering you on, waiting on the other side. Keep moving!

Like I Fall by Brittani Starr

Now, we make it to the Whispering Woods. This is the woods of our loved ones. Their spirits dance through the whispering woods where the veil between the world is offering us connection with those that have gone before or been lost too soon.

Whispering Woods by Brittani Starr

Free will means we can take any path, knowing they all lead to what we need to learn or grow.

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