Rebecca Heidt

Rebecca Heidt

About me

Rebecca grew up in New York and Pennsylvania and previously lived in Colorado and New Mexico. Rebecca previously worked a career in management within the restaurant industry and the financial spectrum. She is finding her way back to her true passion for history, art, and writing. Passion coupled with unfortunate life events helped her develop and explore a world full of choices, facing pain and betrayal, and believing in yourself above all else. This unique perspective allowed Rebecca to write the first and second books of the award winning Acceptance series, Acceptance: The Beginning and Acceptance: The Reality.

Rebecca now lives with her wife Kristen and their animals. Rebecca is currently writing the follow-up Acceptance: Reborn.

She has been interviewed about mental health and developing her books on several Podcasts and audios found on You Tube, Spotify, Apple and other platforms. Including Online for Authors, The Voice of Many, These Feelings Podcast, Speak Loud, From Survivor to Thriver, and more!

Acceptance: The Beginning has won The Bookfest 2022 Fall: 2nd place in Fiction, Contemporary Fantasy and 3rd place in Fiction, Woman’s Fantasy.

Acceptance: The Reality won The Bookfest 2023 Spring: 2nd place in Contemporary Fantasy, 3rd place in Fiction, Woman’s Fantasy, and 3rd place LGBTQ+ Fantasy.

Brief Book Description

“The Reality” is book two in the Acceptance series. The main character, Selena, dives into her role leading a rebellion, learning about her fire abilities, and unlocking her families oracle candle. She somehow has to balance reviewing events through history, finding out the purpose of their community, and dealing with her first real heartbreak. Selena leans on those around her and discovers the strength she needs to form the person she wants to be.

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