Business Starter Promotion Package



Business Starter Promotion Package

      • A featured banner ad on our website for 1 week.
      • A mention in one of our podcast episodes.


Advertising Guidelines

Thank you for choosing our platform for your advertising needs. To ensure a seamless experience and maintain the quality of our content, please review and adhere to the following advertising guidelines:

Content and Creatives:

• Submit high-quality and relevant content, including text, images, videos, or any other media.

• Ensure that all submitted materials adhere to our content standards and do not contain offensive, misleading, or harmful content.

• Respect copyright and trademark laws. Only use images, logos, or content for which you have the necessary rights and permissions.

Ad Dimensions and Formats:

• Provide your advertisement in the specified dimensions and formats, as outlined in our advertising packages.

• If you require assistance with resizing or formatting your ad, please let us know in advance.

Ad Copy:

• Clearly communicate your message in the ad copy, ensuring it aligns with your branding and the content of your advertisement.

• Avoid using excessive capitalization, exclamation marks, or misleading language in your ad copy.

Landing Pages and URLs:

• Ensure that all URLs provided for your ad link to relevant and functioning landing pages.

• Clearly communicate the desired user action on the landing page (e.g., sign up, purchase, learn more).

Ad Placement:

• Specify your preferred ad placement on our platform, such as specific pages, sections, or podcasts.

• We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but final ad placement may be subject to availability.

Ad Duration:

• Clearly specify the start and end dates or duration for which your ad should be displayed or promoted.

• Advertisements that exceed the agreed-upon duration may be subject to additional charges.

Payment and Confirmation:

• Ensure that your payment for advertising services is confirmed before your ad goes live.

• Any changes to your ad or campaign should be communicated promptly and may affect the agreed-upon pricing.

Review Process:

• Our team will review your advertisement to ensure it meets our quality and content guidelines.

• Please allow sufficient time for the review process before your ad’s scheduled start date.

Compliance with Legal Requirements:

• Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards applicable to your advertising.

• Include any necessary disclaimers or disclosures as required by law.


• Maintain open communication with our team for any questions, modifications, or concerns related to your ad campaign.

• We are here to assist you and ensure your advertising goals are met effectively.

By adhering to these advertising guidelines, you help us maintain a positive and professional environment for our audience while achieving your marketing objectives. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing us as your advertising partner.


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