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Lori Vann is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor who is also an international speaker, media guest for news outlets around the world, and author of numerous books.
Founder of the Institute for NSSI, given over 110 talks on the topic, written 4 books on it, worked with over 600 individuals with a history of NSSI.

For more information please visit her website.

A practical, easy-to-use book to help caregivers who have loved ones that are dealing with self-injury. The book identifies the various types of injury, the 35 reasons for it, the tattoo & piercing debate, how to assess & react to it, the creative ways people self-harm, the media’s role in spreading awareness of cutting and possible glamourizing of it, 17 tips for caregivers incl. vital things NOT to do that could make things worse, treatment options, dealing with manipulation, and MORE! Purchase this amazing book here!

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