100 day qigong challenge

100 Day Qigong Challenge

I started before midwinter wanting to take more steps to feel better. I’ve been cleansing my energetic toxins and now I want to move on to cleansing my inner body.

I challenged myself to do this 100-day challenge after watching the first video. When my husband overheard he jumped in on the challenge and so I thought well, maybe all of you would be interested in improving your lives too! Below are the videos I am following per day for the 100 day Qigong challenge.

Qigong is a gentle practice that has shown improvement in health. I started this practice on February 1, 2022.

day 12
day 13
day 14
day 15
day 16
day 17
day 18
day 19
day 20
day 21
day 22

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