Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap

About me

Kevin A Dunlap is the founder and lead trainer for Opmal Performance Academy. This is an educaonal based company for entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, and solopreneurs where he works with coaches, trainers, and industry experts in service-related businesses.
His influences would begin shortly a%er high school when he joined the U.S. Navy and was fortunate to be staoned in Yokosuka, Japan for 4 years thereby vising 14 countries during his me in the service.
His road as an educator started back in 1990 when he started to work in the mathemacs lab while working on his B.A. in applied mathemacs. This would connue to be an adjunct math teacher while in graduate school at Florida State University. This would connue a few years later where he was teaching at two different colleges in North Carolina.
Kevin began his entrepreneur career in 1999 a%er being downsized from Corporate America. His first taste as a salesman was working with a network markeng company. Shortly a%er that, in 2004 he moved from North Carolina to Las Vegas, NV. This is when he started a real estate investment consultaon company in creave financing. He would work this company for 8 years unl he decided to get his Realtor’s license. This would connue for 8 addional years.
In the meanme, he wrote and self-published three books. The first in real estate. The second is on personal and professional development. The third is on mindset.
In 2021, Kevin wrote his fourth book on how to launch a business a%er many years of experience a=ending seminars, workshops, and masterclasses. This led to a move from Las Vegas to Raleigh, NC where he formed his training company, Opmal Performance Academy.
This company creates online programs, webinars, workshops, and coaching programs for entrepreneurs so that they don’t have to spend so much me trying to figure everything out on their own.
His desire is to take all of his past experiences as a teacher and an entrepreneur to make their life a lot easier. His current goal is to help 1000 entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the 6-figure level and beyond.
Kevin A Dunlap

You can schedule a Complementary 30 minute review of your business here.

About the book:

Have you ever wanted to start a business yet you are confused at everything that you have to do? In 1999 I started my first business completely confused and overwhelmed by everything that I needed to know. This book was created to help you transverse the road from being an idea in your head to actually designing the exact steps you need to take in creating a successful business.This book comes with many exercises that you can either do in the book or online. If you complete every exercise you will have created the road map you need in order to create a successful business.

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