Here Chicky Chicky

I had ducks growing up but truth be told my mom really cared for the animals. We ran out and played with them but I don’t think I could tell you the daily routine in the least. In about third grade I believe, we hatched eggs from an incubator. I have lived and worked on farms that I had to feed chickens and gather eggs but I never formed a bond or really put more into than I was told. I have never for myself and my own family hatched my own chicks…until now!

Last born Roo Roger!

I have to say I really enjoyed helping them come into the world. My last guy there had the hardest time. By the time it was his turn to hatch most of the moisture had gone making the membrane more like rubber. My daughter was the only one home and had never been around hatching eggs before. She was a champ! Putting a wet compress over the membrane making it more moist for the struggling runt. Once I got home I kept putting a moist cloth on the membrane so he could push out. You see, if help them break out, they won’t have enough oomph to live. That process of being destroyed to birth anew is real and beautiful! And if you don’t allow this process they never learn the need for strength and don’t survive.

Our First born baby chic

All seven made it! The last guy runt Roger had a rough go and the rest of them didn’t want to accept this long neck clumsy guy but I protected him until they accepted him and now he protects all the girls and they are all becoming quite the good looking crew!

Hello Chickens!

How do you do? These guys grow up so fast! No one ever tells you how silky soft they are. We pick up and pet our chickens. They are precious and quite sweet. I’m happy we are doing everything non gmo and natural as we can.

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