Zarlequan Essence Circles

Zarlequan Essence Circles are an enchanted home in nature to reconnect with the divine rhythm of our inner and outer worlds. We hold retreats and events to help restore balance and create new, more abundant lives. We hold gratitude circles so that we can understand our full abundance. This is a place of solace away from the distractions of this world. Come find yourself, at Zarlequan!

Our core beliefs are:

  • Free will
  • Permaculture
  • Responsibility for our own path
  • Commitment to doing our shadow work
  • Authenticity
  • Community

Living in union with the land connects us to ourselves, our intuition and the divine essence of all. Nothing is of value unless it is of free will. Taking responsibility and making a commitment to our own path and doing the shadow work bring us into union with our higher self. Staying authentic insures we share a true connection and can build our community to create our world in unison with the essence.

Midwinter Contemplation
Zarlequan Essence Circle
Retreats & Events
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