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Y. G. Zaher
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Y. G. Zaher

Magic is everywhere and uncovering Universal truths sometimes come from very unlikely places.

Hi, my name is Yvonne, author of The Anubis Chronicles . I love writing and helping people heal themselves. Everything I write has an element of truth in it that can lead to a road of understanding and healing; be it a dramatic short story of gang violence or a fantasy story about Werewolves, Dragons or reunited lovers through reincarnation. It is my pleasure to unveil as much as I can through my stories, novels and plays. I hope you enjoy reading my work.



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Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy
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THE GODDESS HUITACA “My lord, Members of the Council, I have disturbing news from the Crows in America. There are young human girls being killed and their bodies being thrown in the desert.” Asim looks at her skeptically, then calmly asks. “How do you know it is our problem and not a problem of the humans?” She turns to Asim and responds. “Because the Crows have reported that every bone in their bodies has been broken when they are found. Furthermore, the Crows maintain that the girls are bitten and marked in an attempt to be turned into Werewolves.
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