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Lori Vann
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Lori Vann, MA, LPCS

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Lori Vann is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor who is also an international speaker, media guest for news outlets around the world, and author of numerous books.
Founder of the Institute for NSSI, given over 110 talks on the topic, written 4 books on it, worked with over 600 individuals with a history of NSSI.

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A practical, easy-to-use book to help caregivers who have loved ones that are dealing with self-injury. The book identifies the various types of injury, the 35 reasons for it, the tattoo & piercing debate, how to assess & react to it, the creative ways people self-harm, the media’s role in spreading awareness of cutting and possible glamourizing of it, 17 tips for caregivers incl. vital things NOT to do that could make things worse, treatment options, dealing with manipulation, and MORE! Purchase this amazing book here!

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You just found out that your friend, family member, client, or student is harming themselves. What do you do? What do you say? If you say the wrong thing, you might make things worse! Finally, a book written by an authority on the topic of self-injury that can guide you through the To Do's and Not To Do's, the 35 reasons why someone harms, the role of piercings and tattoos, how to respond to emotional blackmail, and so many other topics that Vann encountered in her 20 years of researching, working, and training those who come in contact with this behaviors. The book is connected with her unique support group for the caregivers of those who self-harm. This book is a safe place to find answers to the many questions that arise when you discover self-injury. Non-Suicidal Self-injury (NSSI) is a behavior that can start anytime from childhood to adulthood, is an International epidemic, impacts every socio-economic, gender, race, religious, and culture, is strongly correlated with suicide, and IS TREATABLE if you understand the nature of the behavior. A book that is based upon 20 years of clinical experience and research by a Global Authority in the Prevention and Treatment of Self-injury and Suicide, Lori Vann. Mental Health counselors, doctors, school teachers, and the public describe the book as a "must read", extremely helpful, reference material for programs, and a regular referral source for caregivers who find their loved ones harming themselves. It is also a great foundation piece for professionals who are just starting to get exposure to the behaviors of scratching, cutting, burning, rubbing, picking, hitting, biting, and 14 other forms of NSSI. It is an easy-to-read book specifically designed by the author for the caregiver to read the chapter that they need in that moment without having had read all of the previous chapters; it is a book that you can reference when you are in crisis. Vann is a prolific writer on the topic of NSSI as she has written four books and developed a Self-Injury Prevention and Intervention Program (SIPIP--copyrighted) for school districts and treatment centers. She is also an International Speaker and National Media Commentator for TV, radio, print, and podcasts regarding mental health related issues and stories.

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