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Kendra M Hoyt

Kendra M. Hoyt is a multi-ethnic woman living with Multiple Sclerosis who was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, a product of interracial 1960s love. She has traveled and lived abroad outside of the United States in Europe, Canada, and Central America. She is the proud single mother of two amazing souls; one who is an independent, smart, sassy, aspiring artist, and animal whisperer, and the other who is an energetic, inquisitive avid reader, and self-proclaimed “Math Wizard,” living with Autism. Kendra M. Hoyt is also a Life Coach and Facilitator who owns her business called Purple Rain Clouds, LLC. More information about the author can be found at

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Brief Synopsis The Purple Rain Clouds Mindfulness Journal is focused on creating a plan for mindfulness and self-care. This journal provides you with the tools to explore yourself while telling your story through a creative process. It provides the reader with easy-to-follow prompts and instructions on how to integrate mindfulness meditation and self-care practices into your life. There is space provided for you to write, draw and even add collage should you choose that medium of self-expression. Enjoy exploring your life journey while uncovering your truths and paving the way forward to purposeful living. “Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.” -Jon Kabat-Zinn

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