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Donna Fields
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Donna Lee Fields, PhD

Donna Fields, originally from New York City, became a teacher in New Mexico, a decade later considered returning home, but took a bit of a detour on the plane back – to Spain – and more than 20 years later is still there. She has been a primary teacher, Secondary and University teacher, gives workshops on empowering students in their own learning, is an author of books on dynamic activities to help content and language learners transition more. fluidly into new information, and has a series of books on creating Phenomenon-Based Learning projects – what is now becoming mandatory in many countries in Europe. She lives in Valencia with one house on the beach and another in the mountains, with a dog, six wild cats from the hills and is extremely happy.

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What if…The Comprehensive Guide to Phenomenon-Based Learning

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How do we engage our students in their own learning and create an organic learning environment in which they look forward to entering every day? Bringing the world around us into the classroom – phenomena – and going out into the world, makes learning relevant and exciting. These are the steps to design projects around your children’s and your students’ interests so that they learn the joys of digging deeper, seeing things from different angles, and ultimately becoming comfortable in multi-cultural situations.

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How can I change my learning environment from one in which my students are learning the language to one in which they acquire it? What are scaffolding activities and how do I create them for the PhBL projects my students are working on? Aren’t there any case studies of other teachers who are having the same challenges as I am having? In this first volume, you’ll be able to distinguish between PhBL projects set up for your students to learn and those designed so that your students acquire language while researching the subject of the project. You’ll find case studies, templates, clear explanations, and solid research on the most effective ways to structure your PhBL project.

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