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Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey
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Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey, PsyD

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey, PsyD is an award-winning transformational coach for creatives, author, and abstract artist. Her top-rated podcast, Painting Your Path, helps multi-passion mid-life creatives start living life on their terms.  Popular episodes include overcoming imposter syndrome, creating a life you love, and moving past perfectionism.

A trained organizational psychologist from The California School of Professional Psychology, Clarissa is fascinated by the people that continue to bring their dreams and goals to reality no matter what their circumstances. Over her multi-decade career, Clarissa worked with hundreds of leaders and teams in various industries like healthcare, HR consulting, food and beverage and retail. The heart of her work beats at the intersection of leadership development, creativity, and wellness.

Clarissa is best known for her book, Painting Your Path, which she also developed into a 5-step framework to help her clients achieve their goals. In 2021 she embarked on a new path: creative entrepreneurship.  Whether attending her capstone online events like From Employee to Creative Entrepreneur or The Creative Abundant Leadership Summit, Clarissa helps thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs experience their own breakthroughs, helping them to design their next chapter outside corporate.

Clarissa is a relentless tough love cheerleader for possibility. She believes that whatever you dream about, you can make a reality, through courage and inspired (and often uncomfortable) action. Her mission is to empower 1000 multi-passionate creatives to live life full out doing what they love most. When she’s not coaching or painting, you can often find Clarissa hiking or shopping at Anthropologie.

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Painting Your Path is the book for women who are asking themselves, is this it? Have I done everything that I want to do in life? Am I living life on my terms, doing what brings me joy? I’m of a certain age. Is it too late to try something new? In an interview-style format, author and artist Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey talks with 21 inspiring women over 40 who asked themselves these same questions and answered them. This group of women come from different walks of life: baker, first time entrepreneurs, music executive, artists, Industrial-Organizational psychologist to name a few. If you are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, read their stories and be inspired. These amazing women share their diverse stories of personal struggle; life and career pivots; and more. By the end of Painting Your Path, you’ll be inspired to take action if you’re feeling stagnant. We are all meant to leave our imprint on this world, so take the first step towards painting your path. It’s never too late to begin again. Back to Zarlequan homepage

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