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Ami Hicken King
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Ami Hicken King

All is not as it seems

In Ami's world, all is not as it seems...

Her historical western romance novels are a mix of mystery, intrigue, and, well, romance. There's also some snappy dialogue and a funny animal or two. She blogs about general observations, shenanigans, and historical tidbits, ranging from off-beat to serious. Ami is a collector of curiosities, ideas, and perspectives, riding a fine line between adhering to rules and being a scofflaw.

You can often catch her with a hot beverage in hand, talking to her dogs, or watching the birds in her yard and the clouds in the sky.

She loves connecting with people and hearing their stories.

If you’d like to see a pic or two of what she sees, find her on Instagram @amihickenking or on her eponymous website.

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