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Welcome to, your platform for empowering indie authors and fostering insightful conversations. Explore the array of services we offer to help you showcase your work, connect with audiences, and contribute to meaningful discussions.

  1. Indie Directory: Join our community of independent creators by adding your listing to our Indie Directory. Showcase your profile, highlight your art, and connect with readers who are eager to explore unique and diverse indie voices.
  2. 1 Minute Video Submission: Elevate your presence with our 1-minute video submission option. Share your story, introduce your art, and give a shout-out to Zarlequan. We’ll feature your video across our social media platforms, expanding your reach and connecting you with engaged audiences.
  3. Podcast Guest Opportunities: Dive into enriching conversations on our podcast. Whether you’re into personal growth, deep thoughts, or want to share insights, our podcast interviews provide a platform to explore meaningful topics. Fill out our guest form today to be part of our engaging discussions.
  4. Book Submission: Showcase your literary masterpiece by submitting your book to be featured on our site. Reach a wider audience and let readers discover your work amidst a diverse selection of books.
  5. Art/Music Submissions: have your music featured on our site.

At, we’re dedicated to amplifying your voice and providing avenues for growth and connection within the indie world. Explore our services and take the next step in your creative journey today.

For inquiries and submissions, feel free to reach out to us at Let’s embark on this creator adventure together!

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Kelly Helmick

Kelly Helmick: Kelly is an indie editor specializing in romance. She helps female-identifying and non-binary authors with developmental edits and line edits! Check out her website for more information.

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