Anthony Jae Gonzalez

Anthony Jae Gonzalez

About me

I self-define myself as a simple man. I’m a son, a brother, an uncle, a father. I’m a Leo and rightfully so, a King from the county of Kings, Brooklyn New York .

My goal is to be a better man, in whatever forms of life that may mean. I strive to constantly learn. With that I’m at peace. I believes prevention is better than the cure and hopes that incorporating this theory outside of prison will only inspire others who share similar experience in any way, to incorporate it in their lives.

Life Path number 8

The Life Path number 8 personality is one of hard work and hard lessons. People born with this Life Path number get their worth from accomplishing great things — the bigger the goal, the more satisfying it feels when they achieve it. Money and material goods are important to them because they are rewards and reminders of all the effort put in. People with this Life Path direct all their energy into creating a life of success and abundance.

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IG ~ @papi_jae73

TikTok ~ @papi.jae.73

BS3 Network on RokuTV ~ “Papi Jae & Wize El Jefe”

This book is evidence of all that I stand for and/or stand on.

I knew I needed to write this book and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I reached out to writer and editor Peppur Chambers, aka The Hot One, and with her guidance, you’ll hear what I’ve been wanting to say. “We R The Village 4 Lyfe” and now you are, too.

Life isn’t easy, I’m 50years in & I’m just offering Words of Wisdom (W.O.W) to help because the greatest battles we face are those within ourselves. 

But first, I asked myself, Am I willing to apologize when you make a mistake? Am I willing to be a person of total integrity? Am I willing to love unconditionally? Am I willing to value someone else’s happiness as much as your own? … Are you? 

If you are, welcome to The P.L.U.S.H Lyfe.

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